Bid Live at our Auctions

We use the latest technology to ensure that you can bid in all of our sales from the comfort of your own home, wherever that may be. Whether you are a UK-based or an international bidder, our online live bidding systems allow you to access each auction in real-time whilst soaking up the saleroom atmosphere with live video and audio feeds.

Online live bidding is available via or

Online Live Bidding

Register with or (Tip – do this in advance if it is your first time). Log on in plenty of time before the sale.

Once you are in the sale, wait for your lot and press the “bid now” button. If you are outbid, you will be asked if you want to bid again.

Online Autobids

If you do not wish to do live bidding, then a convenient option is to place an autobid with the online provider. This is the highest amount you are willing to pay for a lot. Then sit back and relax. Once the auction starts, or will place your bids for you, only ever bidding one increment higher to keep you in the lead and it will never go beyond your limit. If nobody else bids more than your maximum bid, then you will win the lot.

More detailed information about buying and selling in our sales is available here.